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Even these days, in every area of Shirdi, the use of Sai Baba's Wonders can be seen.Thats why, since the last 150 decades Baba's Dhuni (Sacred Fire) is kept perpetually burning daily in Dwarkamai.

Fire is a symptom of power of which the whole galaxy is created and Flame Compromise appears for the cosmic attention in which the beyond any doubt generation is estimated, managed and regularly modified. Hence, ‘Dhuni’ is outstanding for home the sins to ashes, for those who search for finish sanctuary in this peerless Expert.

Sai Baba used to sit by the part of his "Dhuni" and look at it while being greatly consumed in ideas. He used to spread the 'Udi' the holy ash of his Dhuni, to all who came to Him, as a small of His elegance.This Sacred Ash had plenty of amazing healing capabilities too.

Dwarkamai is situated in between Samadhi Mandir and Chavadi – the resting place of Lord Sai Baba. One gets on his way to Dwarkamai by existing Gate No. 3 of Samadhi Mandir Premises, near Mukh-darshan. Alternatively one can reach Dwarkamai through Gate No. 4 which passes through a junction of shops in a small lane.Opposite to Dwarkamai, one will notice a long row of shops crowded with wide range of portraits of Lord Sai Baba in all sizes, idols, decorative pieces and much more which a visitor's mind actually think of. Nearing Dwarkamai, the large chimney is visible as its first sight.


Shirdi Sai Baba's Gurusthan was below a huge Neem Tree. When Baba came to Shirdi, he got the ground beneath this Neem Tree dug up and found 4 miraculously burning earthen lamps buried underneath, along-with a Rudraksha Mala.Baba regarded these 4 burning earthen lamps each symbolic for Satya, Dharm, Peace & Love respectively.

In his previous lifetime, Baba had done his Tapasya / Guru Sadhana here at this very point where the 4 burning lamps were found. Hence, the name "GURUSTHAN"

Baba then said that the time for the 4 lamps to continue burning in Gurusthan was now over, and that they should be shifted from the Gurusthan to "Dwarkamai" his Karmsthan, where they would continue to burn as his "DHUNI" till the time this World exists.

Thus, Baba's Dhuni was placed in a 7’ by 5’ 2” place in Dwarkamai, having wooden pillar on both the sides. 
The Padukas near the Dhuni is the spot where Baba used to spend time in solitude everyday at 05:00 A.M.
There is an iron door that is opened to offer fuel.
Surprisingly the Wooden Pillars are not charred, or ever burnt and no body is ever burnt while cleaning it from inside.  

In an incident related by Pujya Sivanesan Swamiji,
looking at the bellowing smoke, in 1974, a group of Russian scientists performed a test for pollution.
They were surprised to find only minimal count for carbon monoxide and Sulphur Dioxide


Through Udi, Baba communicated that all the noticeable phenomena in the galaxy are as temporary as the Dhuni's Ash. Our systems consisting of the five components will gradually be decreased to Ashes.

The "Brahman" is the only Actuality and the galaxy is ephemeral and that no one currently is really ours. We come currently alone and we have to go out alone. 

The Udi also treated many actual & psychological problems, but Baba desired to din into the devotee's the concepts of splendour between the A fantasy and the Actual, non-attachment for the A fantasy, by asking for Dakshina and providing Udi.

The Udi trained "Discrimination" and the Dakshina trained "Non-attachment" and without these two it is not possible to go over the sea of the ordinary everyday living. So Baba requested for and took Dakshina, and while the lovers took depart, He offered Udi as Prasad, besmeared some of it on the Bhaktas' foreheads and placed His boon-conferring side on their brains. 

And when Baba was in a contented feelings he used to perform,"Oh, lively Rama, come, come, and carry with you products of Udi." 

- Story of Sai Baba's Dhuni in Shirdi -


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